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Renewals Calendar

Track upcoming renewals, review costs by vendor, and export calendar

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Our Renewals Calendar makes it easy to review upcoming renewals and see what's coming up in the pipeline. You can also add third party renewals to your calendar, giving you a centralized view into all your renewals.

Renewals Calendar

With the Renewals Calendar you can easily see what's coming up for renewal and alleviate unexpected expenses. View renewals Monthly or Quarterly to see costs associated by vendor.

  • Keep track of your upcoming renewals
  • Add third party renewals to the calendar
  • Review renewal costs by vendor
  • Access order details directly from reports
  • Export calendar in XLS

Detailed View

View renewal detailed renewals information and set a calendar reminder for renewal dates

Multiple Views

View renewals Monthly or Quarterly to see costs associated by vendor

Third-party Renewals

Ability to add third-party, non-Softchoice renewals

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add renewals to my renewals calendar?

Yes, you can use the Add Renewal option to manually enter other renewals.

How do I export my renewals calendar?

You have the option to export your renewals in XLS formats. The Export button is in the top right corner of the calendar.

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To enable Renewals Calendar or to learn more about this feature, fill out the form below. A member from our Sales team will reach out to you shortly.