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Software Asset Management

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Staying ahead of the Software Asset Management curve

Software is among the most important assets of your business. It is also one of the biggest and most complex expenditures for IT. With the shift to cloud, leading software vendors are releasing new features at a breakneck pace.

The challenge is the management complexity of enterprise software licensing has also grown in lock-step. Without a Software Asset Management (SAM) strategy in place, you risk losing control of spending, licensing compliance and your technology roadmap.

of organizations exceed their planned subscription and maintenance costs by 20% (Microsoft).

Lost sight of software licensing management?

As software investments grow, so do the management challenges.

This includes compliance risk, runaway costs and questions about the overall business value of these investments.

With constant updates to licensing programs, and software assets residing on premises and in the cloud, IT professionals face a number of key issues.

Unpredictable Change
of software vendors will use subscription service models by 2020.
Unclear Data & Tracking
of cloud spend is wasted without the right insights.
Unrealized Value
the average value of licensing entitlements that go unused.

Getting Software Asset Management on track

Guided by the right partner, effective software management becomes a critical enabler for accelerating digital transformation and becoming cloud ready.

The result? A cost-effective, risk-averse path to maximizing the business impact of your software investments.

Better IT productivity
(BSA Global Software Survey, 2018)
Lower security risk
(BSA Global Software Survey, 2018)
Savings in software costs
(BSA Global Software Survey, 2018)

What to Consider at Each Stage of Software Asset Management

Current state review

Do: Document all your current contracts and renewal dates.

Ask: When do assets come up for renewal?

Ask: Can I co-term or consolidate assets?


Do: Plan for detailed asset reviews from your vendors.

Ask: What is EOS/EOL? Do we have a vendor technology roadmap?

Ask: Is my budget forecast accurate?


Do: Take full inventory of your current technology.

Ask: What do we have deployed? What are we using?

Ask: Are there redundant technologies we can eliminate?


Do: Right-size licensing and software compliance.

Ask: Does our consumption match utilization?

Ask: Are we over- or under-licensed?


Do: Implement Enterprise Lifecycle Management to reduce risk and overspending.

Ask: How do we make SAM management more efficient?

Ask: Have we reduced risk? Are we compliant and rationalized?

A Better Approach to Enterprise License Management

Upgrade your approach with proactive, expert support. Through quarterly reviews, technology planning sessions and ongoing assessments, we remove the challenges of enterprise license management.

Learn how Softchoice reduces costs and compliance risk while increasing the impact of technology on your business.

Optimize Software Licensing

Explore Partner Solutions

We deliver the knowledge, insights and support you need across the world’s leading software manufacturers.


Microsoft Licensing

Softchoice offers you the licensing expertise to reduce cost, avoid risk and get the most value from your Microsoft investments.

Cisco EA

Softchoice is a certified partner to enhance simplicity, flexibility and cost savings for your Cisco Enterprise Agreement.

VMware ELA

Softchoice helps you to keep on top of your licenses, optimize your budget and gain consistent visibility into your VMWare assets.

Adobe ETLA

Softchoice provides expert guidance on Adobe software licensing to help you find the gaps in your current usage and take the right steps toward optimization.


Softchoice provides expert assistance in building your IBM licensing posture to maximize cost efficiency and reduce risk.
Red Hat

Red Hat Licensing

Softchoice helps you gain visibility, optimize your software subscription and maximize efficiency of investments in your Red Hat environment.

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