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Move to the cloud with confidence.

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Proven Cloud Migration Expertise

Moving workloads to the cloud is complex. Doing it right starts with a deep understanding of the drivers behind a migration. It also requires structured approaches to avoid disruption and achieve your desired outcomes.

We offer end-to-end cloud services, including design, proof of concept and testing to deliver an effective cloud migration. At every step, we work with your team to provide the mentorship and knowledge transfer to realize the benefits of the cloud well after your migration is complete.

Proven Cloud Migration Expertise

Addressing Your Cloud Migration Challenges

Softchoice addresses the challenges organizations face in migrating to the cloud. Through proven methodologies, we help you design the right solution, deliver a seamless migration and achieve optimal performance in the cloud.


Lack of Cloud Expertise

Cloud expertise is in short supply. 90% of IT leaders acknowledge a cloud skills shortage in their organization.

Cloud Computing Failures

Mistakes in the cloud can easily stall momentum. 31% of organizations have experienced a cloud failure due to error and lack of experience.

Uncertain Outcomes

Misconfigurations and failing to account for application dependencies often results in poor performance, increased costs and security risks.

Knowledge Transfer

We go beyond implementation to enable successful adoption once your cloud migration is complete.
Mentorship and knowledge-transfer equip your team to support your new cloud environment – from day one onward.

Proven Methodologies

Minimize risk and disruption. We use a workload-centric approach to planning and use reference architectures to migrate workloads securely and cost-effectively.
Every plan includes testing, performance and cost optimization to ensure your cloud migration delivers the benefits you expect.

Predictable Results

We use stakeholder interviews and data-drive assessments to align business objectives with the technical requirements for your cloud solution.
A strong understanding of your current state and goals ensures your cloud migration achieves your desired outcomes.

What You’ll Gain

What You’ll Gain

Accelerate Cloud Migrations

Realize the benefits of the cloud faster with the expertise to speed the migration process.

Optimize Costs and Performance

Right-size resources to improve cloud cost management and get the guidance to achieve the performance you need.

Avoid Disruptions

Certified Cloud Engineers use proven methodologies to ensure a seamless, secure cloud migration.

Set the Foundation for Growth

Enable your team with the insights and reference material to properly support your cloud environment.

From our Customers

Accelerate Cloud while Avoiding Disruption

When it comes to migrating complex workloads, sometimes the do-it-yourself approach isn’t the best. That’s why Softchoice provides certified Cloud Engineers and reference architectures to minimize risk and disruption. Achieve a seamless cloud migration that delivers meaningful outcomes to your business.

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Delivering Successful Client Outcomes

Certified Cloud Engineers

Certified Cloud

More than 200 certified pre-sales, licensing, and system engineers dedicated to Azure and AWS.
Leading North American Migration Partner

Leading North American Migration Partner

Softchoice is a global leader in Microsoft Azure deployments and an Advanced Consulting Partner for AWS.
Proven Experience


Our cloud experts have successfully completed 500+ cloud migrations on behalf of small, mid-market and enterprise organizations.

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