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Create your comprehensive cloud migration plan.

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A Better Approach to Cloud Migration Planning

The journey to the cloud is complex. Many organizations do not know where to begin. Once in the cloud, many confront costly surprises due to a lack of proper migration planning.

Whether developing a comprehensive cloud migration strategy – or moving a single application – visibility into infrastructure and dependencies is essential. Softchoice’s Cloud Workload Assessment helps you define the costs, risks and readiness for migrating workloads to the cloud. We deliver the insights you need to move forward with confidence.

A Better Way to Manage Cloud

Tackling the Cloud Planning Gap

Softchoice’s Workload Assessment addresses the key challenges organizations face in cloud migration planning. We provide a complete picture of the costs, risks and timing to build your comprehensive strategy.


Creating an Effective Plan

Identifying the costs and timing for migrating workloads is a daunting task. 40% of IT leaders acknowledge struggling to create an effective strategy.

Migration Failures

Application interdependencies make it difficult to determine the proper placement of workloads to ensure the right level of performance. 43% of IT leaders have experienced a cloud migration failure as a result.

Surprise Costs

Underestimating software licensing and resource dependencies leads to overprovisioning and surprise costs. 57% of organizations report exceeding their cloud budgets.
*Softchoice: State of Cloud Readiness 2018

Comprehensive Planning

Receive a comprehensive plan and expert-led recommendations to guide your cloud migration.
We will help you prioritize migrations based on costs, complexity, risks and benefits to the business.

Minimize Disruption

Minimize cloud migration risk by gaining clarity on application profiles and the interdependencies between applications.
Identify the best placement for your workloads to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Right Size Cloud Resourcing

Avoid the costs of overprovisioning in the cloud by understanding the server and storage resources required to support your workloads.
Define the true costs of migration and optimize spending by right sizing your cloud infrastructure before you move.

What You’ll Gain

What You’ll Gain

Reduce Risk

Avoid failures and surprise costs by understanding application dependencies and migration complexity.

Optimal Workload Placement

Prioritize applications that are ready for the cloud and which need to remain on premise.

Clearly Define Costs

Accurately forecast your costs in the cloud based on the optimal resourcing for your workloads.

Accelerate Planning

Receive a comprehensive cloud migration plan based on data-driven insights and expert recommendations.

From our Customers

Create Your Custom Cloud Migration Plan

No two journeys to the cloud are alike. We’ll help you assess your applications to develop a comprehensive plan, including costs, risks, priorities and timing. Delivered by certified cloud professionals, you’ll get the roadmap you need to unlock the value of cloud, today and tomorrow.

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Plan Your Cloud Migration with Confidence

Certified Cloud Experts

Certified Cloud

More than 200 certified pre-sales, licensing, and system engineers dedicated to Azure and AWS.
Leading Azure & AWS Partner

Leading Azure & AWS Partner

Softchoice is a global leader in Microsoft Azure deployments and an Advanced Consulting Partner for AWS.
Data Driven Insights

Data Driven

We provide assessments across cloud, data center, hybrid IT and licensing on behalf of more than 1500 clients annually.

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