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Softchoice Assessment Services for Enabling End Users

You’ve implemented new end user collaboration tools. But a lack of internal training on the new technology means they aren’t being used properly, if at all. Softchoice has a solution.

With a focus on programmatic adoption and tech integration, Softchoice has a successful track record of helping end users be more productive with leading collaboration and mobility solutions. Our services include implementing Office365, implementing Cisco UC, security best practices and more. Ask how we drastically improve enterprise productivity by analyzing your environment, and using real-time data to create actionable reports and plans.

82% of business leaders say fully enabled end users accelerate business results.

Softchoice helps bridge the gap to meet end user expectation. Here’s how:
  • Engaging end users early with a user-centric approach to procurement.
  • Creating an end user Adoption Plan to train staff, track success and measure ROI.
  • Identify skill gaps to mitigate delays and ensure appropriate IT skillsets are on hand to respond to end user need.

The business challenges Assessment Services for Enabling End Users solve:

  • End users failing to adopt new collaborative technologies because of tech-centric IT procurement.
  • Employees bypassing approved IT purchasing protocols to buy tech that works for them.
  • Tech silos prohibiting communication across teams, and making cost projections difficult.

The business benefits Assessment Services for Enabling End Users delivers:

  • User-centric adoption planning that engages end users in adoption planning for Office 365, Cisco UC and more.
  • The ability to understand where the gaps are in your environment, and how they impact end user adoption.
  • The ability to inventory expired or redundant contracts, and how to incorporate that data into your end user strategy.

How our Assessment Services for Enabling End Users work for you:

Our Offering What we do What you’ll gain
Data Collection & Discovery We begin by meeting with stakeholders to gather initial information on business needs and identify priorities. Then we facilitate the gathering of the end user survey and reports data. The ability to validate technology assets and accurately identify end user usage.
Data Analysis Our experienced analyst takes an in-depth look at the entitlements and active use of different workloads, evaluating the service data against end user information and business requirements and priorities. An understanding of what end users are currently using.
Business Review & Summary Report Finally, we provide a structured review of our findings along with priority recommendations and next steps in an interactive presentation. The customer is provided with a copy of the final report. A better understanding of your current needs and tools, and the data you need to confidently create a roadmap to drive end user engagement.

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