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VMware Enterprise Licensing Agreement

Simplify management. Reduce costs. Increase impact.
VMware Enterprise Licensing Agreement Buyers Guide

VMware Enterprise Licensing Agreement FAQ Guide

Introducing the VMware Enterprise License Agreement

As a VMware customer, picking the right licensing model has a major impact on your bottom line, productivity and business goals. However, it’s not always simple to select the best plan, especially as your organization evolves.

of software installed on personal computers is unlicensed
more savings in software costs are possible through an enterprise license optimization plan

BSA Global Software Survey, 2018

The ELA enables you to control and cut costs through volume pricing and predictable budgeting. You could get discounts between 20-40% on the costs of all licenses, subscriptions and support (SnS).

Here’s everything you need to know to save costs, simplify your software asset management and unleash the potential of VMware technology for your business.

What are Your VMware ELA Challenges

Keep on top of VMware licensing and product changes

Frequent product and program updates across Network, Data Center, Cloud and Edge technologies make it hard to understand what will affect your licensing and how.

Maximize the value of VMware technology

Understanding entitlements and new programs to optimize licensing requires time and expert knowledge many organizations do not have.

Avoid audit risk and overspending

Lack of tools and resources to maintain visibility across your cloud and on premise licensing increases costs and licensing compliance risk.

Unleash the Potential of VMware Licensing and Technology with Softchoice

Stay Ahead of VMware Technology and Licensing Changes

Receive guidance and proactive reviews to maintain compliance, take advantage of special offers and prepare for new products and services.

Maintain Visibility Across Your Environment

Gain consistent visibility into on-premise and cloud licensing through ongoing assessments and reviews.
Coupled with expert guidance, you will identify potential gaps as well as options to reduce compliance risk and overspending.

Optimize Your Budget & Technology

Keep updated of your licensing entitlements through quarterly contract reviews.
Get expert guidance on new program options to maximize the impact of your budget and technology.

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